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The Rengma Students Union during its School touring to Tseminyu Subdivision from 5th to 17th April 2010 found that various system in the education department should be implemented seriously in order to impart quality education to the younger generation particularly  children living in the remote places. The union is concerned that schools in the remote places should be observed properly by the Department and depute sufficient Teachers to impart  better education to the Children rather than deputing excess teachers to schools in town and cities having countable students where there are private schools mushrooming in every  nook and corners of the place.
The Union found that the Education Department in their recent redeployment order issued from 14th February 2010 is a haphazard arrangement to satisfy the general public,  as the Schools in most of the areas are still having 2 to 3 teachers running classes from A to 5, where the student organization feels that the condition of both the students and the Teachers are put into confusion due to shortage of Teachers and more of  Students enrolment,  for which the  SSA slogans “ COME TO SCHOOL” does not mean anything to the poor children as they just goes to school with the free text book they got from the schools and the delicious Rum Pam as their midday meal, whereas their zeal to read and write were not meet as the Schools in the remote areas have a limited teachers to run 3 to 7 classes at a time, where the children of the Naga Babus deployed in the villages are were not able to managed themselves in the villages, where hardly one or two “Bosti wala” village teachers sincerely devote their service to the school children .
Where it is also found that the Schools in most areas particularly in the Rengma areas are having difficulty in taking a regular classes as one teacher permanently involved with the SSA activities and trainings despite shortage of teaching staff and in the same way if the RSM too have the same policy it will hamper the students academic .Therefore it is strongly suggested that both SSA & RSM should appoint their own employee to carry out their project.

Through out its touring within Rengma villages the Union found that Teachers in most of the Primary Schools are striving hard to impart quality Education to the enthusiastic village Children’s, but the union wonders if the department really concern for the those poor village students, no matter how much is the enrolment of the school, but the priority is to see if the students in various classes are getting the education that they are supposed to get. The department should depute its officials immediately  to see the functioning and condition of the schools as well as interact with the students ,the union is not  convince with the system as every inspectors or concern officials does their work done through mobile conversation and not known the reality and hardship of the village students as well as their parents and the officials interestingly  submitte their reports to the department which is an act of a criminal murdering the carrier of the young generation. 
Further the Union is serious with the Teachers in the Government High schools within Tseminyu sub division that the attendance are found to be one of the poorest and the Headmasters, AHMs the so called head of institutions are found to have become a school inspectors rather than HM and AHMs, A ghost who appears to draw salary along. Therefore the RSU strongly condemned all those GHOST and irregular Head of Institutions and the Teachers for victimizing the career of the young enthusiastic students. The RSU stated that particularly most teachers employed in the GHS within its jurisdiction are employed to draw salary for their livelily hood and not to impart education, therefore the RSU shall mark those absentee teachers and employee as an absentee/Ghost employee and shall be sent to the High authority for further action. The Union while shouldering its responsible for the welfare of the society shall have no hesitation to take any punitive action against the err Teachers and staff for their irresponsibility.

    (SOLOZU KENT)               (ZELONYU KENT)          (KENNETH KATH)
   General Secretary                           Secy.Edu. & Statistics                                               President
        RSU            RSU                                 RSU

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