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Reservation of seats in educational and professional institutions and of jobs in Government services as guaranteed  by our constitution meant to improve the status of the suppressed masses have not really served its purpose for certain backward sections of  our society. Some of the backward classes have witnessed progress through the decades, and this will happen in the future as well. Once a backward class has achieved some kind of progress, it would not require protection any more. But it is not known whether any classes’ or Tribes in Nagaland have been deleted from the list of backward classes after review. Often the powerful and articulate sections within an identified backward class end up reaping the benefits of reservation and the needy continue to suffer. maybe for this reason, the reservation act in Nagaland was amended recently, giving 25% out of 37% reservation for the six backward tribes of Mon, Tuensang and 4 % for the Zelieng,4% for Chakesang,2% for Sumi’s of Kiphire & Tuensang and 2% for place of such reservation within a reservation policy followed in Nagaland, the Govt. of Nagaland should device a system of elimination for disqualifying the affluent upper crust amongst the backward tribes from accumulating the benefits of reservation. As applied to the OBCs in India, a creamy layer should be identified amongst the backward tribe of Nagaland and excluded from providing reservations in institutions and job vacancies in Govt services.
 As far as reservation is concerned Rengmas seems to be at the receiving end. The Rengma constitute an insignificant 2.72 % of employees in the state for the last 16 years  1986-2006. This indicate we are deprived oppressed and denied of what is lawfully ours in our state i.e. reservation for a weaker section. It is undeniable that the Rengma tribe has being a victim of subsequent Government Policy, where the census of 1991, shows that the literacy rate of Rengma tribe as 56.11%, Chakesang-62%, Pochury 62%, Zelieng-63.69%. and 2001 census the literacy rate of Rengma was 64.50% which is below the state average of 66.5%.From the above fact it is clear that Rengma tribe deserves reservation because of the simple fact that, the Literacy rate of all 9 (Nine) tribes including Rengmas fall in the same category viz: below state Literacy rate of 66.6%.
In spite of recommendation made by the NPSC for inclusion of Rengmas under B.T reservation policy findings of Rengmas being under represented in Govt.Services in 2004, NPSC via P& AR Department letter No.RCBT-5/87(PT) Dt.kohima, the 30th April, 2004. The reservation review committee has failed to come up with a mechanism to take care of “unrepresented tribes” such as the Rengma tribe in the various Govt. services in its report and recommendation submitted to the Govt .of Nagaland. Why should we be denied the rewards of hard work, skill and the requisite qualification just because we belong to the so called advanced tribe or the upper strata of the Naga Society? The Articles 16(4) of the Constitution of India directed that 33% should be reserved for the persons belonging to the educationally and economically backward and have insignificant representation in the Government Services, which is not implemented in true principle and spirit.
 Total review of the Job reservation policy should be immediately address by the Government in order to deliver Justice and equality to the people, as a creamy layer should be identified amongst the backward tribe of Nagaland and a pocket identification of places should be made in every corner of the state. While a tribe wise roaster system as is done for the backward tribes may not be necessary, but an appropriate formula that can accommodate both merit as well as tribe-wise representation is required. Out of all the posts that come under the unreserved and indigenous inhabitant categories that are outside of those reserved under backward quota, any single tribe can be entitled to a maximum ceiling of only 25% of the post available, department wise and post wise in a recruitment exercise. In the event candidates from different tribes are not available, this ceiling shall stand cancelled. Subject to this formula, the selection can be based purely on merit. The Government may also re-examine the reservation policy and come up with a clear definition, demarcation and eligibility under backward quota.

Rengma Students’ Union, Hq.Tseminyu Town

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