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By , May 7, 2011 2:48 pm

Activity Report for the Current Year 2011.
Dated:- 11th April 2011.

 Considering the magnitude of the issue pertinent the widening and construction of National Highway 61, the Rengma Students’ Union (RSU) vicious that the Department as well as the Government of Nagaland has become blind to the Rengma area, where 32 Km of NH-61 covering 28 Km of Rengma Area and 4 Km of Kyong area were not being seriously taken into consideration. The general public of the Rengmas and Nagas in general are facing undue hardship due to pump and jagged road, which has become difficult for movement of vehicles  leading to deadly accidents due to mechanical failure, affecting the economy as well as it has become a time consuming resulting to failure in many domestic and official activity of the Public. Therefore the RSU is compelled to call upon the highly esteemed office with the memorandum expressing the immediate and urgent needs in the interest and welfare of the community at large.
 1. Ever since the widening of 2 lanes NH begins the department have never attempt to make any repairing and fill up within Tseminyu Sub-division for more than a couple of years.Despide the Department of Road and Bridges, National Highway division is keeping a blind and deaf to the rugged and bumpy road condition .The RSU insists upon the Department to immediately intervene the matter and ensure a speedy expedition of fill up and repairing work within 2 months.
2. The RSU demand for early expedition of the widening and Construction of NH-61 covering 32 Km, in the mean time fill up and repairing of the pump and rugged road to be continue within the stipulated time.
3. The RSU in the interest of the general public shall not compromise if any self vested interest people interfere in the matter by appealing to court or any agencies for a contract work within its area, as such by allowing an individual to continue will hampers the developmental activity of our society.  
4. Observing the pitiable condition and deteriorating situation of the National highway within its area, the RSU with the mandate of the general public shall be compelled to initiate various democratic agitation .Therefore the RSU urges the Department to take note that this memorandum will expire on 30th June  2011.Non-fulfillment of the RSU chartered of demands within the stipulated period would force the RSU to resort its own course of action and that the concern authority will be held responsible for any eventuality.

(KENNETH RENGMA)                                       (SOLOZU KENT)
  President                                                          General Secretary

Copy to:
1. The PS to Minister, Roads & Bridges Nagaland for information.
2.  Shri.R.Khing,Parliamentary Secy.Horticulture for Information
3.  The Commissioner & Secretary, R&B Govt. of Nagaland for information and necessary action.
4. The Executive Engineer NH-61 Division for information and necessary action.
 5. The Press Media for kind coverage.

                     (SOLOZU KENT)
                   General Secretary


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